Themes and Threats


Tempers Run Hot (YithianHistorian)

Aspect: Easy to anger
Faces: Robinson Banks (care of ThisPostSucks)

Riots, mass shootings, beatings in sports stadiums. We’re not just talking 50 years ago. We’re talking as recently as last year. Ohioans are angry and a panoply of reasons make them easy to set off.

A College Town is a Party Town. (Rhjamiz, Phuzzy)

Aspect: Greek Isn’t Just a Name
Faces: Baccuss or a satyr or something

The Old Ways of youth are still alive and well on college campuses. The wine and beer still flows, the good times roll, and more than a few old names are churned up in those frats and sororities. And maybe, just maybe, there’s more to the Rites and Rituals of the Inner Greek Houses than meets the eye.

Columbus Power and Etheric (YithianHistorian, Rumda, Phuzzy, ConfusdUs, Piell)

Aspect: Energy in Flux
Faces: Aaron Trent (constructs wards for those who can pay)

With Ohio State sitting right on the confluence of major, conflicting ley lines, the city of Columbus isn’t always the most reliable place to be tossing around heavy magic. With redirection of energies, changes in intent and other more subtle issues, practitioners in the region need to get creative with their magic. The walls of the Nevernever are extremely thin in places, allowing all sorts of things to easily pass through.

Corruption (Rhjamiz)

Aspect: With Great Power Comes Great Douchebaggery
Faces: Corrupt Police Chief Meister; Officer Jack Campbell, Fat Cop

Ohio has a penchant for creating corrupt cops and other law-enforcement officials, both magical and mundane.


Crypts and Tombs mean places to hide. (Rhjamiz, Piell)

Aspect: Black Court Holdout
Faces: Bartok, Black Court Master Vampire

The Black Court may be down, but it isn’t out. Lurking in the shadows is an ancient black court vampire, and he is looking to regain his former power and influence. He rarely does his own work, preferring to control from afar through his spawn and Renfields.

Who Wants to Live in The Valley? (Phuzzy)

Aspect: Nature Calls the Shots.
Faces: Add some Winter and Summer Court Fae here.

Life in the Ohio River Valley can be rough. Despite the rather idyllic natural surroundings and lovely fertile fields that grow all that corn and soybeans and house one of the (outwardly) peaceful cities in the country, the fact remains that the Valley does its best to kill everyone there. Floods, fires, storms, and blizzards, something (or someone) is at work to get people to consider moving elsewhere.

‘Campus Security’ is a Damned Lie (Phuzzy)

Aspect: Gotta Keep That Money Flowing
Faces: Director Johnson, Officers Grant and Jackson

OSU is an Old Money Campus and to keep that Old Money coming, sometimes things just have to be better ignored. Like a few youthful indiscrections of Alumni children and the occasional assault or two. But will all those other crimes being swept under the rug, who will miss a few indiscretions perpetrated by the officers themselves?

The overzealous Warden is bullying his charges (YithianHistorian)

Aspect: Palpable dread
Face: Warden Drushal

Warden Drushal was recently appointed to the Columbus area and has quickly taken to “policing” the magical community. So far he’s stuck mostly to verbal abuse and threats but a couple minor talents were left with bruises after their conversations with him. A palpable sense of dread has fallen over the city’s practitioners.

Themes and Threats

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