Locations in (and around) Columbus

The Annotated Google Map of Locations

The University District Wiki
Home to the Ohio State University, the campus are is an awfully strange place. Many of the 50,000 students reside here and with the leylines that cross through the area they are certainly not alone. The corrupt campus police are seemingly random actors who can throw a kink in everyday plans. There are rumors that there is a secret department among the university staff that is trying to tap into these leylines, although the actors are currently unknown.

The Oval
A lush field on the eastern edge of campus, the Oval is a place where many meet to relax, throw Frisbee, or tan. Deep underneath however, lay two of the deep continental leylines. One may uncover all sorts of things on a stroll through the park.

Faerie Dueling Hall
The Summer and Winter Fae are in constant low level conflict. When this conflict rises to a boiling point, the Courts settle the issue with a duel between their champions.
Aspect: Dueling Hall
Theme: Who Wants to Live in The Valley?

Delta Beta Alpha (Phuzzy)
This chapter house is ostensibly a honor society for the agriculture students on campus and a long time resident of the OSU Campus. But the fact remains that everyone knows that if you’re looking for a good party, be it on campus or in a field somewhere outside of the city limits, the DBA’s are the ones who are going to be throwing the party. Though, it’s odd. Where do they keep coming up with all that energy to party every night all the time? Hmmmm.
Aspect: Party Time, All the Time!
Theme: Greek Isn’t Just A Name
Faces: Dirk Brentwood (Scion of Bacchus, trust-fund jock)

Rick’s Roller Rink (Rhjamiz)
An unassuming building located somewhere in Columbus, many believe it could only be through magic spells that Rick’s Roller Rink is still in business. I mean, fuck, no one Roller-Skates anymore, and they wouldn’t go to a Roller-skating rink to do it! Yet year after year, Rick fails to go bankrupt or commit suicide or burn down his business for the insurance money. What most inhabitants of Columbus don’t know is that Rick’s Roller Rink is magic, in a manner of speaking. It is an Accorded Neutral Ground, a place where those in-the-know may congregate without fear, safe from those who still adhere to the Old Laws. They were usually the worst, the adherents. Also, there’s a bar, because what could be better than drunken roller-skating?
Aspect: Accorded Neutral Ground
Theme: ???
Face: Rick Lambert, The Roller King

Trent Hall (YithianHistorian)

While Aaron Trent may be a tremendous dick, capitalizing on magic’s instability by selling his services creating durable wards, he’s not completely heartless. “Trent Hall” is a renovated bomb shelter that Trent owns and has put his powerful wards around. The Hall is available for members of the Paranet to hide out in when the ley lines’ fluctuations wreak havoc on their own (probably limited) defenses. With so many people coming and going, however, the wards and threshold do require a fair bit of maintenance from Trent — labor which he frequently reminds the other Paranet members about if and when he needs a favor.

Aspect: Safe for magic and from monsters
Theme: Paranet (and White Council) hub
Faces: Aaron Trent, Warden Drushal

Topiary Garden (YithianHistorian and ThisPostSucks)

“Garden” is a nice way of saying “Ohioan jungle”. Sure, the shrubs may be shaped and carved, but once you leave the small clearing, the woods are clearly in charge. Trees are overgrown, vines rope from tree to tree and what wildlife you actually catch a glimpse of in your periphery seems to be circling around behind you. It’s… disconcerting.

Aspect: Welcome to the jungle
Theme: Who Wants to Live in The Valley?
Faces: some summer faeries???

Serpent Ley Line (Natty9)

Feeds into the confluence, but starts from beneath the Serpent Mound in southern Ohio, which is itself in the middle of Serpent Crater, the three hundred and twenty million year old remains of a meteorite impact.

Serpent is only the local name for the line though. It is one of the major ley lines of North America, extending north to the Sudbury reigion, and south to the Yucatan peninsula, each home to its own large meteorite crater. This has made the ley line large, powerful, and an inherent force for change. This contributes to the unstability of the ether in the Columbus region.

Aspect: Powerful force of change.
Theme: Columbus Power and Etheric
Faces: The Serpent Mound Dragon

Columbus Country Club Mound (Natty9)

Its an “Indian” Mound, one of the few left relatively unmolested in the city. Its there in the Nevernever too.
The legends of the Miami, Osage, and other Indian tribes say that it was a place of power, built by a race called the Adena, which are described as big boned and jawed near giants. Another race mentioned in connection with the mound are the Abene, which are a tall, slim, thinner boned people.
As it might suggest, these are garbled legends of the Sidhe and the Trolls who built the original mound atop of a major power point.
As one of two surviving mounds inside the Columbus city limits, it is very important to the Sidhe, especially to the trolls in the area who see it as something that it is truly theirs. Winter, Summer, and wildfae have all clashed over the mound, and used it as a focal point in their schemes. Additionally, it is a noted entry/exit point for the Nevernever, and more than one golfer out late at night on the Summer Solstice has experienced something that put him off his game, or worse.

Aspect: Place of Power
Aspect: Nevernever entry
Theme: Who Wants to Live in the Valley?
Face: Yobchug the Deepfooted.

Ohio Historical Society (Natty9)

Local meeting point/ad hoc headquarters for the Venatori Umborum. Its not for nothing that they stuck it so close to the confluence…and the fairgrounds. Although they are not the interfering sort, they are highly interested in both the power source, and those that are drawn to it. This specific chapter has a reputation for knowledge of and exploration into the spirit world that lies so close across the veil in Columbus.

This particular crop of Venatori know better than most the perils of actually swimming in the electric, turbulent sea that is the magical situation in Columbus, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t spying, or that they won’t tattle to Warden Drushal and the White Council if they want to.
Their relationship with Drushal even means that they can get away with a thing or two.

Aspect: Knowledgeable and Watchful
Theme: Always knowing when Teacher is watching.
Face: a Venatori of some type?

OSU steam tunnels (Phuzzy and YithianHistorian)

The steam tunnels underneath OSU are hazardous, secluded and unlit. In other words, they’re the perfect stomping grounds for a scourge of Black Court vampires. The tunnels are locked by chain-link fences, to which only OSU’s maintenance staff have access. Deeper into the maze of tunnels there are decrepit corridors which most of the maintenance staff has never set foot in.

Aspect: Dark and cramped
Theme: Crypts and Tombs mean places to hide
Face: Bartok (BCV Master) and Kristen Doerr (tunnel-exploring undergrad)

Campus Security HQ

The home of the well funded campus police department, lorded over by Director Bud Johnson. When not out currying more funding from the old money OSU alumni, he’s making sure that their kids aren’t making the news or getting hauled off to jail.
Aspect: Gotta Keep that Money Flowing
Theme: The Gleaming White Tower of ‘Stability’
Faces: Director Johnson, Officers Grant and Jackson

Big John’s Gym (ffoecaf)

There’s fitness centers, and then there’s gyms. This is the latter. It’s a place where you go to learn to fight, and to pump iron, not run on a treadmill and hit on girls. It’s the kind of place where you might find old retired boxers who’ve suffered from one too many hits, or someone who’s dream is to be an MMA star.

It’s a smallish place, low key, and the regulars all know each other. It’s affordable, and John isn’t too particular over membership and fees. He’ll let anyone join, the question is will the regulars let you stay. It’s completely mortal, though a few of the regulars are clued in.

Overall it’s a place of discipline and strength, and John and the regulars are big fans of teaching you why to fight, and not how. It’s a place that gives a chance for those who’ve seen a little to help those who haven’t handle themselves in a life threatening situation, be it mortal or otherwise.

Aspect: Strength and Honor
Theme: Tempers Run Hot
Face: Big John (Clued in Mortal)

Koshinski and Sons Salvage (Natty9)

Theme: Corruption
Aspect: We Break it and Bury it.

Not much to say. It’s a scrapyard up on the North Side where most of the cars, radiators, and other assorted detritus of Columbus goes to die. Koshinski is an old Pole who inherited the business from his father. There are no sons, though one of his daughters keeps the books and another runs the big front end lifter. The third is off at college. Koshinski isn’t clued in, and most of the supernatural world has no truck with the place. However, the people who know something about the Columbus underworld will recognize it as a place where things can be disposed of.

Face: Elias Koshinski, Dirty Scrapper.


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