Faces of Columbus

Name: Director Bud Johnson
Face: ‘Campus Security’
High Concept: Connected Good Ol’ Boy
Motivation: Keep the campus looking secure
Relationships: Officers Grant and Jackson (lackeys), Police Chief Meister (Rival)

Name: Bartok
Face: Cypts and Tombs
High Concept: Lurking BCV
Motivation: Return to True Power
Relationships: Renfields and Lackeys

Name: Aaron Trent
Face: Columbus Power and Etheric
High Concept: Warder for hire
Motivation: Make some easy money by doing some good deeds
Relationships: the local Paranet, Warden Drushal (tense)

Name: Warden Drushal
Face: The overzealous Warden is bullying his charges
High Concept: Abusive Warden
Motivation: Keep practitioners from going warlock
Relationships: the local Paranet

Name: Robinson Banks
Face: Columbus Underground
High Concept: You Can Never Go Too Far
Motivation: Power, Money, Greed. Wants to take over the Columbus Underground by any means necessary.
Relationships: Criminal Elements of the city, Bribed City Officials

Name: Ringo (Gruff of the Summer Court)
Face: Who Wants to Live in The Valley?
High Concept: Summer Court Bruiser
Motivation: Kick Winter out of Columbus
Relationships: winter court muscle

Name: Blanche (Troll of the Winter Court)
Face: Who Wants to Live in The Valley?
High Concept: Winter Court Bruiser
Motivation: Kick Summer out of Columbus
Relationships: summer court muscle

Name: Yobchug
Face: Nature Calls The Shots
High Concept: Bridge Mound Troll
Motivation: This is my home, you shall not pass
Relationships: Blanch and Ringo (Antagonists), Charles Wielkiczłowiek (Son, unwilling heir) Anyone who gets too close

Yobchug is a wildfae troll who is old enough, experienced enough, and cunning enough to rise somewhat above the brute stereotype of his kind. He’s been around a long time, enough to have a better claim on the mound than anyone. Maybe he was even one of the fae who built it, though he hasn’t bothered to say.

Whatever his background though, he believes in keeping the mound whole, and as free as possible from the machinations of the courts. How successful that’s been, and how much of that success is truly due to him and not either court not wanting the other to gain control is hardly clear, not that anything in Faerie or its politics ever is.

Name: Dirk Brentwood
Face: Delta Beta Alpha
High Concept: Dad Was The Original Party Animal
Motivation: Par-TAY!
Relationships: Officer Jackson (Drinking buddy)

The Serpent Mound Dragon
Face: Some Old Legend
Motivation: Who Even Knows
Relationships: None

The Serpent Mound was built with a purpose, one linked to worship of power, meteorites, magic, the solstice, and big snakes. The Cherokee specifically link it to the Ukenta, a large, winged serpent of power. Its obvious to anyone in the “community” that its a dragon, and there are all sorts of old stories linked to the mound.

However, most are in agreement that the stories are just of a dragon, some lesser beast that tormented the area for a time, around a thousand years ago. There are those that might make the case for a greater dragon being involved, but they can’t link it to a specific one, and none of them have ever had any interest in it as far as the community can tell. The dragon remains just that, a legend lurking in the minds of any practitioner or being that brushes up against the Serpent Ley and feels its power.

Faces of Columbus

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