Johan Hicks

Good cop on a bad force.


Template: Pure Mortal
Refresh: 7 Base, 4 remaining

High Concept: Clued Campus Cop
Trouble: “Stop Rocking The Boat, Hicks”
Aspects: Strong Trees Have Deep Roots; Don’t Worry, We’re The Good Guys; Peel Back The Layers…; No Cavalry, Just Me; Bruised, Battered, Back For More

Rating Skill
Good (+3) Athletics Investigation Presence Rapport
Fair (+2) Endurance Alertness Discipline Conviction
Average (+1) Empathy Contacts Fists Weapons Driving


Rapport: Officer Friendly. +2 to Rapport when dealing with someone who respects lawmen or the law.
Athletics: Officer In Pursuit. +2 Athletics when actively chasing someone/something.
Discipline: Fearless. All attempts to intimidate me take a 2 shift penalty.
Alertness: Corner Of My Eye. Additional 2 shifts when rolling passive Alertness to pick up details.
Investigation: Quick Eye. First roll to determine deeper details about a scene is two time increments faster.

Physical: () () ()
Mental: () () ()
Social: () () () ()


Aspect: Strong Trees Have Deep Roots
Born and raised on a farm in Minnesota, it was always thought Johan would follow in the footsteps of his family and farm, like seven generations of Hickses before him. For most of his life, Johan thought so as well. Accepted into OSU’s agricultural campus, he studied for a year.

Rising Conflict
Aspect: Don’t Worry, We’re The Good Guys
In the midst of Johan’s second year at college, he had the misfortune to be taken hostage during a bank robbery. The police responded promptly, and in the confusion, Johan managed to knock out one of the robbers. One of the attending officers complimented his bravery and mentioned they could use that sort of attitude in the police force. After about a week of thinking it over, Johan switched his major to Criminal Justice and was, later, accepted into Campus Security, where his desire for actual justice has made him an irregular thorn in the sides of Director Johnson and the more corrupt officers.

First Adventure: Biting Chill
Aspect: Peel Back the Layers…
Guest Starring: Charles Wielkiczłowiek, Ian West
Sightings of wolves in the area lead Johan to discover the mangled and savaged corpse of a cheerleader. But evidence places several of OSU’s football team in the area. Can Johan prove they did it, get the accusation to stick, and reveal their secret before they kill again?

Second Adventure: A Dog’s Gotta Bark
Guest Starring: Rufus Drenus (Buck), Ian West
Aspect: No Cavalry, Just Me
Johan hears about some weird hazing rituals in the OSU steam tunnels, and investigates, leading him to a dozen frat boys in an old generator room, with two freshmen tied up and being mumbled over inpreparation for some sort of ritual. Backup will take too long to arrive, so Johan charges in, intent on arresting a dozen cultists and a warlock with nothing but two pairs of handcuffs, a nightstick, and a stun gun.

Third Adventure: A Girl And Her Bug
Guest Starring: Jennifer Reese, Rufus Drenus (Buck)
Aspect: Bruised, Battered, Back For More
When the Ravenous Bugblatter tosses Johan through a wall, most people would have the sense to stay down until it went away, maybe fall unconscious for an added bonus. Instead, the cop gets back up, gets the thing’s attention with a chunk of drywall, then charges in with a severed HVAC line sparking in his fist.

Johan Hicks

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