Jim Griffith

Wannabe Sherlock Holmes


Name: Jim Griffith
Template: Pure Mortal
High Concept: Ohio’s Only Consulting Detective
Trouble: I’m BORED!
Refresh: 5, 4 spent
Aspects: Forest for the Trees, The Game is Afoot,

*Skills *:
Great( +4) Investigation, Alertness
Good( +3) Fists, Deceit
Fair( +2) Intimidation, Resources, Burglary
Average( +1) Contacts, Stealth, Discipline, Endurance, Lore

[-1] Always Ready: May roll Alertness instead of Athletics to dodge as long as he is not last in Initiative.
[-1] I Know You Better than You Know Yourself.: +2 to Alertness whenever he has had 30 seconds immediately prior to the roll to observe his targets..
[-1] All Seeing Eye: Noticing those little details can tell you everything about a person. Using this, he can tune out distractions and determine things about you that you don’t want him to know, to an incredible degree. This gives a +4 to investigations rolls while active. However, Alertness drops to Terrible while this is being used, and if a conflict begins during it, it takes a full exchange for Alertness to go back to normal once you stop.
[-1]Blend In +2 to stealth while in a crowd.

Physical: () () ()
Mental: () ()
Social: () ()

Background; Where did you come from?

When I was a young kid, I was always interested in detective stories. Not the ones about some intrepid police detective, no it was all about the ones who worked alone, or with a partner. Private detectives, consulting detectives. Sherlock Holmes, Phillip Marlowe, ect. You know the type, they’re either brilliant and aloof like Holmes or hard boiled and always get beaten up.

Unlike other kids, I knew what I wanted to be. I learned how to investigate, and thought myself a regular Encyclopedia Brown. It was all just kids games, but I never grew out of it. It entertained me, it excited me, and to be quite honest when I didn’t have some sort of puzzle I would go a little mad.

Aspect: Forest for the Trees

Rising Conflict: What shaped you?

I didn’t get off to the most auspicious start. I went to school, went to the police academy, but quit when I decided that following orders wasn’t quite for me. Though I was there long enough that I knew a guy or two in the force, and after some time, I convinced them to pass me information on cases they couldn’t figure out, didn’t have the manpower to figure out, or just didn’t give enough of a damn to figure out.

But it was work and it helped me build a name for myself. And more importantly it kept me occupied. I made some mistakes here and there, but I took every opportunity to learn. And while I’m no Sherlock Holmes, I must say that I’m damned good at what I do.

Aspect: The Game is Afoot

The Story: What was your first adventure?

Now, as my investments had left me enough money to live on, I took cases that interested me, not cases that I needed to, for money. And the ones that interested me weren’t always your average murder or whodunit. In fact, I got plenty of people coming to my door who might not have been believed by others. Many of them were crazy, or liars, but every now and then you got someone with a truly unbelievable tale, and it turned out to be true. It was only a matter of time before one of these investigations took me to something weird.

It was what was thought to be an average runaway. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl’s father tries to scare boy off with a shotgun, boy and girl run away together. The girl was over 18, so the police had said that her father should wait a few months, and hope his daughter would call to forgive him. I learned all this as he was sitting in the chair in my office, trying not to cry. He was truly worried, he thought that the boy had ‘done something’ to his daughter, she wasn’t acting entirely like herself.

I didn’t know the girl, but after a cursory investigation I knew that the father was right. Something was awry. I tracked, I followed leads, and eventually I found the boy and girl. Girls, really. It turns out he was some kind of incubus, and he’d made himself a little harem to sate his lusts.

Magic, the occult, vampires, werewolves, I’m not entirely sure on what’s real and what’s not, and I’m not the best at picking truth from fiction as I’m new to this world, but I know that things that go bump in the night exist. And I was going to make damned sure that I knew them as well as I knew people. These things weren’t going to hunt in my state.

Aspect: A Little Knowledge…

Jim Griffith

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