Jennifer Reese


Character: Jennifer Reese
Template: Focused Practicioner
High Concept: Ley Line Entropomancer
Trouble:“It Can’t Get Any Worse…”
Refresh: 7 Base, 2 remaining
Aspects: You Seem Trustworthy, Tied to the Lines, Fallout Girl
Major: Visual Communication Design

Great (+ 4) Lore Conviction
Good (+ 3) Athletics Discipline
Fair (+ 2) Alertness Scholarship Contacts
Average (+ 1) Presence Endurance Rapport Stealth Empathy

[-4] Sponsored Magic: Ley Line (+1 to power/complexity for entropomancy), Intellectus for Ley lines in Columbus
[-0] Wizard’s Constitution

[-1] Focused Fallout: Your spells are hard on the environment, but they’re harder on the guys that you hit with them. When you take fallout as a consequence of casting a spell with insufficient control, reduce the power of the spell by two shifts less.

Physical: () () ()
Mental: () () () ()
Social: () () ()

Focus Item: Bracelet – +1 offensive Power to entropomancy
Enchanted Item: Necklace – Armor 3, 3 uses/session (uses 3 item slots)
Enchanted Item: Lucky Ring – Thaumaturgical Aspect (Lucky), 2 uses/session
Enchanted Item: Left Earring – Thaumaturgical Aspect (The Lines Know It), 2 uses/session
Enchanted Item: Right Earring – Thaumaturgical Aspect (Power of the Lines), 2 uses/session

Unravelling (6 shift entropomancy attack)
Not Your Best Moment (Aspect: Unlucky on a zone. Opposed by Conviction, 3 shifts)
Dazzle Camoflauge (4 shift veil)
That Can’t Be What You Mean To Happen (5 shift counterspell)


Phase 1: Where Did You Come From?
My life started out pretty normal. I lived with my parents and my older brother Paul in a two story home on the north side of Columbus – Dad’s a programmer, Mom’s an administrative assistant. I got decent grades, was on the soccer team, and liked to draw. It wasn’t until I turned fourteen that my life got weird.

Laura Brown has lived next door to us ever since I was born. She was a friend of my grandmother’s who had gotten old and had trouble moving around, and so Mom would always make me and Paul help her out occasionally. Her would mow her lawn, and I would help clean inside her house, and we would get a little money, so it wasn’t too bad. She had all sorts of weird stuff – books about faeries, weird little statues and carved candles, and so on.

A couple weeks after I turned fourteen, I was walking home from school when she called me over. Figuring she needed some help with something, I went insider her house with her. She get me a drink and we sat down at her table to talk. She started talking about some weird things – how she had been feeling worse and worse, and how she didn’t want to die, and how she was really sorry about what was going to happen, and some stuff about ley lines. I was pretty nervous at this point, but for some reason I was really tired and was having difficulty concentrating. I stood up to get away, but I was so dizzy I collapsed, hitting my head on the table on the way down.

Aspect: You Seem Trustworthy

Phase 2: What Shaped You?
When I woke up, it was the middle of the night, I was in the mdidle of the Oval, and I was tied up. Three intersecting lines of candles went from one side of the Oval to the other, with me in the center. Mrs. Brown was standing over me, chanting away in some language that I didn’t understand. Seconds later, the row of candles winked out, and in their place were these glowing lines floating in the air Mrs. Brown finished up the chant with a triumphant shout, and poured something onto me. Suddenly I could feel the lines, almost as if they were part of my body. I could feel as people walked over them, as the lines twisted things out of their natural pattern to fit the chaos and destruction that I could feel rushing through the lines. Mrs. Brown collapsed to the ground next to me as the rush of power and knowledge overwhelmed, sending me into unconscious AGAIN.

The next time I woke up, I was in the hospital. Apparently I had been found unconscious in the Oval next to Mrs. Brown, who had died from a stroke, and I had been unconscious for the past week.. Somehow, I knew what had happened – she had intended to sacrifice me to gain power from the lines, but the lines had twisted it, and I was the one who had recieved the power. When I tried to tell the doctors or my parents this, they dismissed it as a hallucination or confusion from my head injury.

For the next couple years I played it low key with my newfound power. It was weird to suddenly learn random things as people, and things that only looked like people, crossed the lines. I learned about faeries, vampires, and other strange things that went bump in the night. But knowledge wasn’t that only thing that the lines gave me. I could use their power to change things as well, to break them down or make things lucky or unlucky.
Aspect: Tied to the Lines

Phase 3: Your first adventure
You’d be surprised how many things come through the ley lines, and how weird some of them are. For the most part, however, they’re just passing through, and don’t stick around much to do anything. However, this one time this really weird bug thing – like a cross between a preying mantis and spider, but about 8 feet tall – started waiting around for people to pass by, and when they would, it would pop out from the Nevernever and kill them. Well, I couldn’t just stand around and let that happen, could I? I had to do something, but I would need some help.
Aspect: Fallout Girl

Phase 4: Guest Starring in Phuzzy’s story
Was at the bar, broke the spell on the people inside
Aspect: ???

Phase 5: Guest Starring in Natty’s story
Helped in the fight?
Aspect: ???

Jennifer Reese

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