Ian West

Aeromancer agriculture student


Template: Focused Practitioner (aeromancy)
High Concept: Aeromancer agriculture student
Trouble: Caught in the storm
Refresh: 7 Base, 2 remaining
Aspects: Taught by Jack Oakthorne; I may hate you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t help you; The better part of valor; Perpetual monster magnet; It seemed like a good idea at the time

Great ( +4) Conviction Discipline
Good ( +3) Lore Athletics
Fair ( +2) Survival Investigation Endurance
Average ( +1) Scholarship Contacts Presence Might Driving

[-2] Channeling: Air
[-2] Ritual: Weather

[-1] Offroading: Gain +2 when driving a vehicle not on a road of some sort.

Physical: () () ()
Mental: () () () ()
Social: () () ()

Focus Item: Polished Oak Rod ( +1 Offensive Power, +1 Defensive Power)
Focus Item: Knotted Rainstick ( +1 Complexity to Aeromancy)

Enchanted Item: Gnarled Root Wand
Weather thaumaturgy manuever
Complexity: Good ( +4)
Power: 4 shifts
Effect: Scene gains the sticky aspect Rainstorm
(probably requires clouds to already be present)
Uses: 3 / session

Gaoth! (requires Polished Oak Rod)
Air evocation, offensive attack
Power: 5 shifts
Control: Roll Discipline to target
Opposed by: Target’s Athletics, magical blocks

Caisg! (requires Polished Oak Rod)
Air evocation, grapple
Power: 5 shifts (4 for strength, 1 for extra duration)
Control: Roll Discipline to target

Air evocation, offensive manuever
Power: 4 shifts (3 for manuever, 1 for oomph)
Control: Roll Discipline to target
Opposed by: Targets’ Discipline?
Effect: Target gains the fragile aspect Distracted


Background: Where did you come from?

Aspect: Taught by Jack Oakthorne
I grew up in the Appalachians, where I spent almost all my free time outdoors. That’s mostly because my time indoors was steeped in my folks’ whiskey-fueled rage. Whenever they weren’t fighting each other, they were ignoring me completely. Not exactly role models.

So I took to spending my time on my neighbor’s (Jack Oakthorne) farm. At first it was just to be somewhere that was out of earshot of my folks’ screaming matches, but I felt at home out under the sky and Jack appreciated the help. Plus, I knew that Jack didn’t get on well with my parents and if I could get under their skin while getting away from them, so much the better. He taught me tricks that I didn’t question at the time, but looking back he was teaching me my first Appalachian hoodoo — aeromancy.

Rising Conflict: What shaped you?

Aspect: I may hate you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t help you
When I started learning aeromancy under my neighbor’s tutelage, it only amplified my parents’ abuse. Accordingly, I spent more time with Jack, and I guess things just spiraled downward from there. Eventually, he explained that the bad blood between him and my folks had its roots in the Summer Court and their interest in our mountain. I guess they want to overgrow our farms and use the hideous monstrosities they spawn to roll over the Winter Court down in Columbus. Jack keeps pushing them back and my folks think that’s just going to piss them off and make things worse for us when they eventually get in.

Turns out they were kind of right. Me and Jack felt a storm brewing with all the telltale signs of Summer magic. We immediately started doing whatever we could to stall, distract, divert or stop the coming storm. Of course it wouldn’t be that easy. Summer’s storm came complete with plantlife trying to kill us and fiery lightning that skipped right past lightning rods. Goddamn faeries. Once we finally got things calmed down, a final funnel cloud started reaching down from the sky near my folks’ house. It would have solved so many problems in my life but no matter how much I hated them, I couldn’t let them be flattened by the storm. Me and Jack barely managed to push the tornado off to an uninhabited area and exhausted, we saw that they hadn’t even woke up from their drunken stupors. The next morning I told them I was applying
to college.

The Story: What was your first adventure?

Aspect: The better part of valor
Story Title: Shut Down
Guest Starring: Mighty Quinn
Also Guest Starring: Charles Wielkiczłowiek
I finally escaped home by getting accepted to OSU’s college of agriculture, but it turns out I brought a bit of home with me. A Summer gruff followed me to college and tried to thoroughly stop me from fucking up their plans for the valley. Turns out they aren’t too keen on me being in the middle of their warzone since the whole bit with the storms.

The first time it came at me, I thought one of the DBAs was just trying to show off at a party — lucky for me the gruff wasn’t coming at me full force in public! Speed isn’t really their thing, so I managed to get out of Dodge before it showed me how good I was in a fistfight. Even my apartment’s meager threshold was enough to keep the thing at bay long enough for me to get to a crowd. That’s where my luck ended.

A ley line surge took down my threshold and I was left defenseless. So I decided to do the only thing I could — book it to Trent Hall, where I met … (who probably helped me banish it back to the nevernever by using the Scioto River)

Guest Star: Whose path have you crossed?

Aspect: Perpetual monster magnet
Whose story was this? Johan Hicks
Who else was in it? Charles Wielkiczłowiek

I overheard a football player in one of their rare classes talking about how some of the other players have started acting strange. Since this was right after that cheerleader was killed, it was pretty suspicious. Checking the stadium the following night, I found the head cheerleader, apparently unconscious and Johan told me about the hexenwolves. He fought off the coach (or whoever they got the talismans from) while I distracted the werewolves. Why do the monsters always have to come at me?

Guest Star Reduex: Who else’s path have you crossed?

Aspect: It seemed like a good idea at the time
Whose story was this? Rufus Drenus (Buck)
Who else was in it? Johan Hicks

Looking back, trying to ditch a fae in the tunnels wasn’t my best idea.

Turns out that not only are they fairly creepy on their own, but the tunnels occasionally play host to some sort of cult ritual. And I’d blundered through there during what could only have been the prep work. That left me running through the dark, hiding from what could only be called a fratty cult member — it was the collar popped up through the robes that gave him away.

I’d managed to get some distance from the guy, but distracting him with sounds with my magic wouldn’t work forever. I needed help, and soon, or I had a feeling the guy with the crazy eyes and the humming dagger would introduce me to his master…

Ian West

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