Grant Baker


Character: Grant Baker
High Concept Aspect: Werewolf by birth,not by nature
Trouble Aspect: Outcast and hunted by those who called him brother.

Aspects: Son of a Bitch, Paranet Troubleshooter Looking for Work, Bound to the Nevernever with Chains of Dark Magic
Human form +1
Modular abilities (-2)
Form Points 5

Great Fists Athletics
Good Lore Endurance
Fair Alertness Resources Contacts
Average Scholarship Stealth Presence Conviction Discipline


Born into a pack of werewolves, and like his siblings and cousins Grant was expected in time to fully master the powers of his blood and run with the rest of the pack. For Grant assuming his birthright was even more vital, his mother was the Alpha of this pack and expected GREAT things of her children.

However on the day of his first change, even though he had been given the most though tuition into the change he just couldn’t get the change to occur. The packs elders had never encountered anything like this before and decried it as an omen of doom, Grant would never forget the look on his mother’s face as the elders pronounced him an abomination. The usually ever present look of pride and fierce love for her blood which slowly drained away being replaced by a look of rage which was as cold and distant as her usual look was warm and loving. Knowing he had to move quickly before his mother’s rage turned on him he quickly packed his thing and left, with his mother hunters hot on his heels.

Rising conflict

Though Grants life outside the pack was harsh, one single thing dominated it; the search for a place to Belong. It wasn’t easy the mortal authorities didn’t trust him, as far as they were concerned his mother was the leader of a crazy survivalist cult, whose members had been linked to terrorist activity, and it wasn’t as if he could stay in one place for very long either his mother’s Hunters are always just one step behind him. Even in the cities he wasn’t safe his former pack mates could hunt just as easily in the human form as in the form of the wolf.

His journey brought him in to contact with supernatural groups throughout the country, so it was inevitable that he became involved in the Paranet. Even without his shape shifting abilities Grant still managed to earn his way, a childhood spent training for the hunt had left its mark on him, he was physically powerful and smarter than many would think just looking at him, this had gained him an impressive reputation among those in the Paranet. It was this reputation that would change his life forever. Now with the resources and contacts of the Paranet to aid him evade his mother’s hunters Grant has finally found a place to Belong.


(VERY rough) dark biomancy ritual at lay line nexus, disrupted ritual, never-never gate collapsed, black magic somehow binds portions of soul to the substructure of the never allows grant to take abilities of monsters.

Grant Baker

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