Charles Wielkiczłowiek


“Charley” Wielkiczłowiek
Template: Changling (Wildfae Troll)
High Concept: Troll Changling Who Just Wants to Play Ball
Refresh: 7 Base, 2 Remaining
Aspects: Big Ugly Near-Orphan. No You Shut the Fuck Up Dad. Screw the Courts (Preferably with Iron).
Trouble: Heir of Yobchug Deepfooted.
Major: Currently Undeclared.

The Catch: Cold Iron +3
Inhuman Strength -2
Inhuman Recovery -2
Inhuman Speed -2
Inhuman Toughness -2
Refresh -5

Good Athletics +3
Good Might +3
Good Endurance +3
Good Weapons +3
Fair Fists +2
Fair Intimidation +2
Fair Alertness +2
Fair Conviction +2
Average Scholarship +1
Average Contacts +1
Average Presence +1
Average Lore +1
Average Craftsmanship +1

Weapon ?: “Whambo” 30 inch FatMax Extreme Fubar Ceramic Composite Wrecking Tool


Mental ( ) ( ) ( )

Social ( ) ( ) ( )

Physical ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


Background: Where did you Come from?

Aspect: Big Ugly Near-Orphan

Charley( a nickname that sounds roughly like his given Polish one) is a local boy, Columbus born and raised. He never really knew his mother or, until later, his father. She died in pretty soon after childbirth and left him to be raised by his grandfather, who was already retired and living in Columbus, in the poorer neighborhoods on the north side. Granddad never talked to him about his father, and he’d just clam up when he asked, but Charley figured he was a big, ugly Native American, because his mother had been an average sized pretty blonde Pollack like her parents, and Charley’s dusky skin and black hair, as thick as a bear’s pelt, made him look like some Osage who and stumbled in off the Res…and been run over by the ugly truck on the way. Several times.

A life as a poor orphan is rough, and its rougher when you don’t know your own strength and you grandfather can barely handle raising you and you’re so ugly everyone don’t like you on sight. Charley got in fights a lot, and got in a lot of trouble cause his punches hit so hard people couldn’t believe that he didn’t start it. It took Charley a while to realize that just dodging, maybe just shoving some kids around, was the better way to go about things. He could get way too angry and aggressive if he let himself.

High school was better. He was the first kid in his class to get facial hair, and pretty soon he had an incredibly thick beard to cover up his huge block of face, and he never got carded in stores. He also found an outlet for his aggression in football.

Charley was big, but he could dodge, and run shockingly fast, and by the first game of his sophomore year, he was starting on the right side of the DL. By the end of the season, he was featuring in the nightmares of quarterbacks all around the area. The coach for the Buckeyes already knew his name. His star was rising, and there’s no way he could have anticipated who was taking notice. It was that summer that he met his father.

Rising Action: A Whole New Unfriendly World

Aspect: No YOU Shut the Fuck Up Dad.

Charley was walking home from a party one night when someone clouted him across the head, then picked his half stunned form up like a sack of potatoes. That someone was Yobchug Deepfooted, the troll who had gotten his mother drunk at summer party at the Country Club, then gotten her pregnant with Charley. Yobchug wanted someone to help him out with his goal of keeping the Country Club Mound free of the Courts, and be available to take over for him if he ever went down.

Charley might have freaked out, gone mad, but Yobchug wouldn’t let him. Yobchug is cunning enough to at least act fatherly, in a huge, hairy and brutal sort of way, and with an increasingly distant, aged, and alcoholic grandfather his only other role model, Charley has actually found the ogre getting to him. One thing that Yobchug has done for him is given him a heads up on the supernatural community, and the courts, teaching him how he can best survive in the shark pool, and how to truly use what strength and power his heritage has granted him. Charley has been able peek behind the curtain, and something in his blood sings to him. Then of course, behind it all is the lingering threat of what happens if Charley chooses human over ogre.

But Charley’s not taking this lying down. He’s still angry at his father, maybe even angrier now, and he’s definitely angry at the courts, specifically at Ringo and Blanche, both of whom have made themselves known to him. Competing with his troll dreams are his human ones of glory on the football field. He graduated high school, and though he had hoped against hope to play for some college team thousands of miles away, his offers, his father, and his grandfather needing someone to look after him meant that Charley is now a Buckeye. He’s already making waves when he plays, and the NFL, although a ways off, is a distinct possibility. He even managed to not have to work at the Country Club, instead getting a summer job at a local scrapper, where he works with cold iron and other metal through thick gloves, and has learned to swing a wrecking tool like a samurai swings a sword.

Maybe that will be enough to break him free, though Charley now has a new reason to fear choosing human. What happens to his strength, his speed, his anger and fury that sends him like his tool’s hammer head through an offensive line and pounds the quarterback like a nail into the dirt? Would he even have the strength to work the scrapyard, and that way ward off his angry father with iron?

Does he even want to break free? Can he do as he has been, and somehow forge his own way with his own friends, free of the courts and able to stand up to his troll father when he needs to? Can he be like his father, and choose his own third way? Charley not only has football, schoolwork, and the occasional gig at the scrapyard for pocket money to balance, he has the courts to dodge, his father to deal with, and his grandfather to take care of and keep in the dark about it all. Sometimes he just wants to damn it all, give in to the growl in the back of his mind, and really start smashing things.

First Adventure : Still Yobchug’s Son

Aspect: Screw the Courts( Preferably with Cold Iron)

Guest Starring:Jennifer Reese, The Mighty Quinn

It was late autumn, chilly and a little wet still from the rain earlier that day. Charley was coming back from the scrapper’s, waiting for the last bus. He knew enough not the take the too friendly, too old fashioned hefty black woman who suddenly turned up at face value. She sure wasn’t “goin home to my dawta from the stoah” like she said. Not at this time of night, not on this bus line, and not talking like the slaves in Gone with the Wind. Besides, there was a sixth sense pricking him. Charley tried to play it cool, but she knew he knew pretty quick, and wasn’t about to play around.

Turns out it was Blanche, the Winter Ogre, and though she started giving him some line about how the Winter Queen was interested in him and could give him power and keep him safe Charley wasn’t having it. He ran, she followed. He was faster than her, but she wouldn’t quit, and he was exhausted by the time he ran head on to Ringo.

It might have been funny, if it was TV show that he was watching. Either of them could have whipped him one on one, but each had the other to deal with. The only thing they could agree on was that, no matter how he struggled, he wasn’t going anywhere. He got some good blows in, not that they were really noticeable in the middle of what they were doing to each other. It wasn’t until some help stumbled into the fight….

Next Adventure :Guest Starring in Johan Hicks’s “Biting Chill”
Apparently Johan had been tracking some hexenwulfen who were members of the football team, and encountered Ian as a part of it. Charley, meanwhile, had started noticing that some of the O-line had been acting sort of strange, in a way that he thought might indicate that they were getting clued in somehow. This excited him, but he wasn’t about to come right out and ask, so he started some discreet (for him) inquiries and teasing about it. Part of this took place in a class that he and an O-line member both were in, a class they shared with Ian. So, it was no surprise that Ian overheard, and immediately included Charley in his and Johan’s list of suspects. The fact that he twigged as supernatural upon inspection put him at the top of the list, and they soon confronted him in an isolated section of campus. Their intention was to remove his wolf belt, and Charley did not take what he saw as an attempt to divest him of his pants well. Fortunately the insuing brouhaha only led to light injuries on either side, and the confusion was soon corrected and the parties reconciled. The three then teamed up to confront the wulfen and their rich backer, and save the head cheerleader in the process.

Third Adventure : Guest Starring in Ian West’s “Shut Down”
A little while after the whole wulfen mess, Charley was hanging around Trent Hall when Ian came pounding down the corridor, completely freaked and half out of breath. Turns out that he was being chased by a gruff, and was headed for the river hoping that the running water would cut it down to a size that Ian could manage. Charley was happy to help out, and even happier to find out the gruff in question wasn’t Ringo, but one of his smaller, less scary brothers. Ian dashed for the river, while Charley put on his work gloves out of his backpack, and grabbed an old naked metal bike chain and wrapped it around Whambo…

Charles Wielkiczłowiek

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